Our art program is taught by a qualified art teacher with a BFA in Fine Arts. Pre-K and elementary classes each visit the art room once a week for a 45-60 minute lesson. Rather than working on crafts, the curriculum is fine arts based and includes learning the "elements of art" and "principles of design" during the fall semester. In the spring, lessons include famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, as well as art movements like Pop Art, and Impressionism! Special art units throughout the year may include clay, sculpture, textiles, abstract/process art, photography, or portraiture.

Just like the Montessori methods, the approach with art is freedom within some guidelines. Students are taught art concepts, and how to use materials, then given the opportunity to make their own creative choices. Our upper elementary students are encouraged to generate unique ideas and concepts for their art! Every single child that steps into our art room will feel a sense of belonging, self-expression, and confidence! The goal is to ignite a love for creativity, while providing kids with the tools and knowledge needed to create.